Lemonade at real Lemon

Just sold Lemonade. At a great loss, yes. But better now than when it hits zero. Bought a condo for our son. Totally redone a year ago with high end everything. Built on solid rock. 60 year roof. Brand new HVAC, kitchens, bath and flooring. Had a construction engineer inspect it. Most detailed report ever. With decades of experinence, said it was one of best properties he’s seen. Tried to get Lemonade insurance only to see how incompetant they are. They turned us down because the water heater was too old and then listed MINOR items on inspector’s list like a tile in floor being slightly uneven! My husband and I were aghast as we we have invested in many properties. We bought this place for son and it was in great shape. We see now that having a robot review a report is not the way to go. Having a human evaluate who is experienced and knowledgable is ESSENTIAL. You cannot program everything into a bot.That is the bottom line. We were actually shocked and I immediately sold the stock.