Skeechers, anyone following, latest thoughts?

Looking at it… interesting…

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Hi Kingran,

Nice timing. I just posted a short trading thesis for SKX on the premium boards:…

I’m also going to post it on the PB: Investing Strategies because it’s a stock that Tom E. follows closely.

I figured since its growth rate has dipped to 15-20% (which is great for its comparables - Nike and UA growing at 6% but have 2-3x higher multiples than SKX), it is not a hyper-growth stock for this board anymore. But happy to talk more about SKX on those other boards.

Either way, I think it’s a great risk/reward at these prices because its mix of: strong fundamentals, cyclically low valuation, and short-term FUD (q2 orders are being pushed to q3). The trifecta for value investing! And thus, I’ve built a sizeable position from $27.50-$29, in the 20% trading portion of my account (those trades typically target a 3-12 month time horizon and involve a mix of stock and call options).

Important to note, in my opinion, SKX is not a candidate to 3-4x like FOSL. Or something I plan to hold extremely long-term. This is a 30-50% target for me within 6-12 months.

Also, I’ve been wrong many times, and will be wrong many more times, so please do your own research.



Who is Tom E.?