"Lightyear" disappointment?


I guess what was supposed to be at least a $70 million weekend now might be as low as $50 million. Puzzling. Although - there are some good points in the analysis/comments in terms of inflation, and families being reticent over the pandemic. Then again, to me, how does one explain the success of “Spider-Man” and “Jurassic World”? There has to be some overlap with the Pixar demo. And why would a projection be off so significantly? There are some negative reviews from critics from what I understand, and Pixar has been weak before. Who can say. Anyway, interesting article, and we’ll have to check back for the final updates tomorrow.

Anyone see the film yet? I would have predicted this to be a big hit in the marketplace. Maybe this is why Disney was using its streaming service for other Pixar projects (this is supposed to have set the company back by a $200 million budget).

I will be seeing it Sunday afternoon. Don’t forget that next week is a holiday weekend so there may be a stronger second weekend performance. Also, animation, even Pixar animation, routinely underperforms live action. And Marvel and Dinosaurs appeal to a wider demographic.

Frankly, I don’t pay much attention to box office projections and don’t put a lot of weight on box office results because the actual financial contribution to earnings often opaque and only part of a very large pie.

Who notes the reviews he’s seen so far have been very strong…

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