Lignin to fuels…

Lignin is the glue that holds trees together. Papermills process wood chips for cellulose used to make paper. Lignin is a by-product. Traditionally it is burned as fuel at the paper mill for energy.

Chemistry World is reporting new research that can cleave lignin into hydrocarbons suitable for use as motor fuels–gasoline to kerosene range.

Another biofuel source if it proves reliable chemistry.

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Lignin is also added to oil drilling mud, which is the fluid use to remove cuttings, cool, and control pressure in the drill hole.


Yes, lignosulfonate is a common industrial surfactant probably used as a dispersant.

Tall oil fatty acid is a low cost fatty acid. It can be used in paint resins or blended into the heavy fuel oil used in ships or industrial boilers.

These are ancient uses. But gasoline quality fuels would be unique.

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