Like in US-EU Folks Leaving Rural Regions…
The trend is the same in many regions of Europe: entire swaths of the countryside are being bled dry. Politicians are confronted with similar challenges, as they are responding to declining population figures by cutting back on infrastructure, which leads to even more emigration.
Especially in the Nordic countries such as Finland and Sweden, but also in eastern Germany, regions are at risk and are struggling with shrinking population numbers.

Demographic changes are exacerbating the problem.…


In the US the main factors are 1) declining birth rate, 2) small family size, and 3) mechanized farming.

In the day of the horse the typical farm was 80 to 160 acres. And family size was typically four or more children to help with the labor.

Today farming is typically 3 sq miles, abt 2000 acres. Family size is 2 children.

In 1900 census, rural counties in Missouri had 30 people/sq mile. In 2010 some counties were down to 8/sq mile. And at 4 per 3 sq miles we seem headed for less than 2/sq mi.