LIV Can't Sportswash This Bloody Regime

I remember theses beheadings earlier this year. Wht I did not know then was 41 men were slaughtered for taking part in pro-democracy protests. Have a nice day, Greg Norman, et al, who took MBS’s blood-money:

Mirror headline: Saudi Arabia executes 80 prisoners in mass beheading as 120 inmates killed this year

Sub-headline: Saudi Arabia’s rapid escalation of executions, which have reportedly been carried out in the past by beheading, could see the country break its grim record of 186 killings throughout the whole of 2019…

In its report, the group drew attention to a mass beheading of 81 criminals on March 12 - when more than 70 per cent of the victims were killed for their involvement in non-fatal crimes.

Of the total number killed, 41 men - over 50 per cent - were slaughtered for taking part in pro-democracy demonstrations.

To justify the killings, the Saudi leadership branded the men “terrorists” before putting them before their executioner.

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