Liz Truss out. Lettuce has a longer shelf life


Lettuce might but UK bonds will go down sooner in all likelihood.

US Treasuries wont be far behind.

Truss made a heck of a bad move. She did it to favor the rich cronies. There was not a shred of honesty.


Given what I have been hearing on the BBC, the decisions about who leads the party are made by a committee of elderly, far right, types. If that is the case, the next candidate they put forward will probably have the same remit as Truss: throw money at the rich, at the expense of everyone else, as the Alex cartoon says. They will need to think of a different way to dress it up.

The noon news said a likely candidate is the former Chancellor of the Exchequer, who lost out to Truss on the last go around. Clips of him the Beeb showed a couple months ago made him sound fairly reasonable, but, regardless of his personal impulses, he will be subject to the same forces as Truss.

Meanwhile, if there is a general election, so that the government has some air of legitimacy, the Tory’s would be clobbered, so they are unlikely to allow an election to take place.



In Dublin the city is playing the Paul Simon song, “get on the bus, Gus and set yourself free”.