Long PSTG Investor Presentation slide deck

111 slides in all. I have barely started poking through it to this point, but there are probably some nice insights in there. In my quick flip through, I noted that they seem to be touting that their sales force is getting more and more experienced which should help them. It was also touting increasing spend over time for their customers.

Pure Storage Investor Presentation direct link:

Please add on with whatever other juicy tidbits can be drawn from this presentation.

Long PSTG shares; long PSTG July 2018 call options at $20, $25, and $30 strikes ($30’s likely to decay to $0.00)


I think this 3.5 hour long video is what is paired with the slides, in case anyone has time to have it on in the background or watch the whole thing. Just takes a quick little registration.

Link to the Investor Presentation:


It’s totally epic. This is utterly required reading for anyone in the data/AI/Cloud/compute/network space.

I topped up yesterday and will add more on Monday.

They are not only on track to win the storage market but literally own it with their ES2 business model.

No player appears to come anywhere close to them in business model thinking and their tech marketing is the coolest, sexiest around in hardware - I mean - just look at the DELL logo, ughh!


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@18:43 CEO mentions partnerships with Nvidia, Cisco, and Arista. I think that answers some of the questions about Arista’s switches no longer being used in their AIRI project w/Nvidia. Not 100% sure on that though.

PSTG is my second largest holding. I believe their most recent quarter was outstanding and am not concerned about the drop in share price (except to buy more). I think they are setting themselves up to dominate the next 10+ years.

As AI and ML continue to grow, the need for reliable/fast data storage and access will be incredible. Pure is putting themselves in the perfect place (with their tech +partnerships) to own the future.

I truly believe they will get acquired (Nvidia would make the most sense), but I’d love to see what happens if they don’t…

longgg PSTG. My own opinions.

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<<<18:43 CEO mentions partnerships with Nvidia, Cisco, and Arista. I think that answers some of the questions about Arista’s switches no longer being used in their AIRI project w/Nvidia. Not 100% sure on that though.>>>

I have no information as to what is going on here, other than Cisco is by far a better business partner to have for PSTG than Arista because Cisco has a far larger customer base, far larger sales team, etc. and can do far more for PSTG than Arista can. So it makes sense to make Cisco the focus for them.

I do not recall exactly which web page it was for PSTG, it probably was the latest iteration of the AIRI, or it may have been a blog post regarding it, but at the bottom there was a list of corporate partners. About 5 or 6 of them. Cisco was listed, Arista was not. Perhaps an oversight, perhaps not.

If I were Arista I would find this offensive to not be listed after doing the road show with PSTG and NVDA. I doubt marketing would make such a mistake. Thus, assuming not a mistake, Cisco is clearly the favorite in PSTG land, as it should be.

This said, like some pro golfers or pro tennis players, they sometimes get a sponsorship deal with a product they don’t like, and instead of playing with that golf club or racquet, they will choose the one they actually want, and cover up the logo of it. So it very well may be that PSTG is focusing on pleasing Cisco, while actually selling more product with Arista switches.

Politics and marketing are often not that disparate.

After a gushing day about AYX where I even surprised myself as to what that company is doing, like OMG, it is like the Apple of data analysis, in the early days of iPod or some such thing, good to talk about something else. True though, difficult not to gush somewhat about PSTG either.

Now I know I need a beer as too much stock talk. But cannot blame a guy for getting rightfully enthusiastic, I mean, that is what we hope to do here. It is rare to find the next Netflix or Amazon (perhaps that is SHOP, with branding as key, SHOP is the closest I think right now that we follow, although it is not really consumer facing, albeit its small merchants are really consumers, thus a hybrid) pending that, how can one not get enthusiastic about investing in the dawn of the AI/ML/Big Data era!

I mean this is better than the turn of the century internet roll out. That became a bubble due to Y2K panic (that never happened, but still unbelievable, people actually thought they might die from the Y2K issue and thus businesses spend a fortune upgrading) and this lead to overbuying of tech, or at least partially did, etc. But the current age has new paradigm advances that are really advancing economic efficiency and creating capabilities that heretofore never existed, with small companies, still not priced in the stratosphere, leading the way. I mean how is it not possible to get enthusiastic once in a while about such things!

yes, need beer now. Stop being enthusiastic about stocks on a holiday weekend.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all Americans, and great weekend to the rest of y’all (as they say in the south - I am a carpet bagger so I can say “they”).



Agree Austin - I liked their partner neutrality position as well as their extensive partnership choices. They might get acquired but I hope we have an opportunity to enjoy the long runway first.

Until Nutanix decided to get out of hardware I could have seen those guys uniting. Pure and Micron could be a great combination and there’s Microsoft, Cisco and Nvidia. Qualcomm seems to be without a foothold in the cloud now they have withdrawn from server CPUs so this could be a way back in.


Arista are listed in their slides of partners. They were never top billing with the other 2 and Cisco is a massive channel partner for Pure so there’s no surprise that they mention them more. Arista is still listed and they stress partner neutrality.

They might get acquired but I hope we have an opportunity to enjoy the long runway first.

I’ll second that one. A few years ago Berkshire bought 3 of my favorite companies within 18 months. There is nothing sadder to a long-term investor than watching your next bagger wave bye-bye.

I enjoy the occasional pop with a buyout but when you get down to the really good companies that you expect to be winners for the long haul, you want to stand back and watch them run, run, run.

Some of the companies followed here will dominate their business category, I have no doubt. The last thing I want to see is some high-rollin’ Cisco come in with all their billions and eat up the companies that I risked my capital on when they were itsy-bitsy hopefuls–at any price.

On the other hand, I can’t help but drool over the prospect of ANET someday buying out Cisco and replacing management. If you’re gonna dream, I say dream big. :slight_smile:



In reading about how this partnership started it was Nvidia who invited vendors to see how well they worked with its Volta chip. And it was Pure Storage who had the best solution to harness its power.

So it is reasonable to conclude that Arista had the best solution for Nvidia and not the choice of Pure Storage. Nvidia is the big dog in this equation. Since Pure Storage CEO came from Cisco it is also reasonable to conclude that its loyalties are with them.

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Pure will offer both Arista and Cisco.


Makes sense to have both of the major network companies. Leave no one out. And Cisco is a brute. Pure has a very big partnership with Cisco called FlashStack. Definitely want to keep them happy and have them have an interest in your new hot tech.

On slide #71 is a picture of the “New Flash Stack”. Now available with Flashblade. That’s the first that’s been seen and very good for Pure’s Flashblade