I am new here so I am unsure of how to proceed. I am interested in Pure Storage (PSTG) especially after their latest quarterly result and the subsequent stock loss. Is this a stock people are following?

Not really one of the stocks on this board.

If you are really interested in this stock, myself and others would suggest to you to join Bert’s newsletter called Ticker Target. You have to pay for it but it’s worth it. Bert follows and analyzes most of the stocks on this board and others that don’t make the cut. He just did a very thorough write up on PSTG.

Hi Colleran,

You can find posts from Saul’s board for a company by entering this search:

site: “Saul’s Investing” PSTG

where PSTG is the ticker you are interested in. You’ll find posts showing how Pure Storage “was a thing” on this board once. Interesting reading, good luck.



There is a long thread about PSTG over on the NPI board. The link below should take you straight to the more recent posts in the thread.…

I still hold some PSTG. The opportunity costs of having held for so long have been quite high, but I do think there is a chance for some decent share price appreciation if their fiscal Q3 and Q4 go well. They have a lot of seasonality, and those are their 2 best and most important quarters. If they perform well during those 2 quarters, they can put this most recent quarter’s miss in the rear view mirror.

long PSTG (semi-regretfully, but still holding on to it for now)

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Since you are new here you may want to read “For Board Newcomers,”

You will also get more out of following this board by going back a few months to see what stocks are discussed and what type of analysis is expected here on Saul’s Board solely dedicated to analyzing and discussing individual, rapidly growing, disruptive companies.

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