Luggage, what to do

Getting ready for our Hawaii cruise next week. Since our outbound return flight is a redeye, we are going to have several hours to kill that afternoon. Trying to decide how we should handle things that day. Rent a locker somewhere in Honolulu and head for the beach? Do any seasoned travelers have any good ideas? We may try to change to an earlier flight, but that will probably not work out.

Will your last night be spent on Oahu? If yes, I would check with your hotel concierge about whether you can leave your bags with the hotel after check-out and before leaving for the airport. Similar to checking bags at the hotel if you arrive before check-in time.

If not, then I am less certain as to the choices, and that to the more experienced travelers.


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We’re getting off the ship in the morning and flying out late evening. No hotel stay that day and can’t check luggage at the airport until 4 hours before our flight. There is something called Bounce storage several places around towm, or Smartcarte will store at the airport. We have no experience with either. Looking for any other creative solutions.

Just realized that one of the bounce locations appears to be the hotel we are currently staying at. I’ll ask them about it. They might even do it for us as a courtesy, since we stayed here, though not the night before.

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After reviewing options, the most convenient option, but a little pricier will be to use the Smartecarte storage at the airport, rather than traveling to one of the bounce locations away from the airport. It will be worth the extra $30 for 2 bags. Since we have a little time to kill today between hotel checkout and our arrival at the cruise terminal, our hotel will hold our luggage for us a couple of hours today, though.