Maersk laying 10k workers off (in total)

Composite cost to ship 40’ container on eight major global routes is about $1406, huge drop from the past several years.


Thanks for the news item.

Made this observation a few days ago–
"Been a whole year since rates started declining. Still surprised that there has not been a significant event from any of the major liner companies. Or perhaps, it is happening e.g. via blank sailings, and the companies are careful how the news development is mentioned "

So it IS happening.

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From Maersk’s Q3 presentation-

Always nice to see the numbers broken down. Slide 26
Ocean - that’s the vessel side - revenue declined 56% (Ouch!)

Maersk share price peaked in early 2022, and is now around 65% off the peak levels. Probably less uncertainty than Covid, but still, probably still a lot of uncertainty. Likely share-price still has room to fall - current price around $7.31 (Covid low was about -50% lower).