Magazine Subscriptions – over charging?

I notice magazines frequently send notices that subscription is expiring and request renewal–more frequently than warranted.

When I received a second notice this year, I checked my records. I have paid for subscriptions through 2028, but they continue to show my subscription expires next month and ask for more.

Is this poor record keeping? Or is it outright fraud?

Thank goodness I have always paid by check and can check my records for one and two year payments. If I paid by automatic charge credit card what happens? Do you pay again and again?

I usually will only pay $10 for a year’s magazine subscription, but I notice credit card auto charges are often over $20/yr. A fortune compared to typical offers in the junk mail.

No doubt magazines like print journalism are struggling to survive but watch out for cheats.

I have had this problem with Better Homes & Gardens and Readers Digest. When over charged its easy to cancel your subscription. Call the phone number on your credit card bill.


Magazines? Are they still produced and do people still read them?

Yes, indeed. In the comfort of my very comfy recliner. Much better than looking at a tiny screen.

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I have the same problem, so I have fixed it by penalizing the magazine companies. I never respond to those “your subscription is running out” notices anymore, because I have found they start months and months before it actually does and I’m too lazy to see if there’s time left.

So I actually let the subscription lapse. Then if I miss it, I’ll resubscribe.

They brought it on themselves. If I miss an issue to two, well, big deal.


They used to show your expiration date on your mailing label. They seem not to do that any more leaving you to keep records or rely on their notices.

Wow. Maybe I should subscribe. I’ve been trying to figure out my expiration date forever. If I knew that, I could save and spend with perfect optimization!

Dad purchased a “lifetime” subscription to Reader’s Digest back in the 80’s. When he passed in 2002, Mom never told them he had passed. When Mom was getting on, she was staying with us and transferred the address to ours. She passed in 2015. We’re still getting Reader’s Digest monthly.

→ Get the lifetime subscription :wink: