Major shakeups underway in Russian command

Major shakeups are underway in the Russian command structure in Ukraine, according to a report from the Institute for the Study of War

Experts found that top officials may be blamed for not fully capturing Ukraine and the Kremlin may replace those officers with new faces

Russia has suffered significant losses since the invasion of Ukraine began almost four months ago, including a dozen high ranking generals

Russian authorities are attempting to strip occupied Ukraine of its national culture.

Russia has installed its flags, monuments, and politicians in several Ukrainian
cities and towns.

The occupied city of Kherson is even being forced to use the Russian ruble.…


Beast from the East! Panicking Putin ‘calls up OBESE 280lbs retired general, 67, to lead forces in Ukraine’ after ‘most of his best and battle-hardened senior commanders are killed’ in war

Putin has called an obese, 20-stone former general out of retirement to fight

General Pavel likes to eat five meals a day and wash it down with a litre of vodka

Overall commander of Russian forces in Ukraine also reported to be dismissed

The ‘Butcher of Aleppo’ will be replaced by a ‘corrupt and brutal’ general

Last week the commander of Russian airborne forces was reportedly sacked…