Man, you talk about slander!

It starts off slow…

The airborne toxic event called LIV Golf is slowly dissipating, and soon all that will be left is the mere faint scent of its portable toilets.

And within a sentence of two she’s calling the “jinx-on the links-for clinks” as has-beens grubbing for dollars, and before you know it she’s weaving a tapestry of “ buttercup-bellied moral cowards clutching at cash from a murderous regime”.

Hah! What a writer! What a lawsuit, except truth is a defense.

“ Poulter is at least a likable star, more audience-friendly than laconic burnout cases such as Brooks Koepka or that aging inveterate scrounger Mickelson, who apparently would take checks from the slaughter of dolphins to get whole.”

I don’t read sports columns, but I’ll watch for the Sally Jenkins byline again.


I guess Americans think the mob(general public) needs to be orderly and the press within bounds of civility.

Think UK football…think bigger bucks…think an ugly ugly press.

Not sure the PGA will look that good when it gets slammed by the barflies who know it all. Ugly is in style, Americans just do not fully get it. Yet many of us want it. There would be no Fox News without ugly.

Not me!!

I am reasonable.

Sally Jenkins is usually good. FYI, Netflix has a documentary series called “Full Swing” that followed several players last year, so the LIV golf controversy gets involved some. I’m about 1/2 way through, decent human interest stories.

What I find funny/ironic about the whole “golf spat”, the average sports fan probably only watches the 4 majors. From what I’ve read, the leaders at the PGA and LIV are all “brats”.

Barrooms pay more for Cable or at least they used to as businesses.

Barrooms boast a much larger golf audience.