JIM - HE finally DID IT! www.mungofitch.com

Thank heaven!

(No content yet, just a little icon I think to remember from his “Auntie Times”)

P. S. : I posted this first at the Berkshire board. As he asked me to post it here too I was trying with the same title. That resulted in this stupid, idiotic UI giving me the error message: “Title has already been used”. Yeah, I understand why - but that doesn’t make it any better.

Trying then to add another one or two exclamation marks didn’t work. That’s probably called “AI”, right? That it recognizes it’s essentially the same title. Ha! Very “intelligent”. I think I am done too with those new boards.


So when I tried to access his site link all that came up was a page that said " Congratulations! You have successfully installed your Xerox Sigma 9 Computer". Along with an icon that may be the one you are referring to.

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He can’t write a whole website in one day. Give it a little time.


No worries, just wanted to see if I landed at the right place.

There’s a METAR thread: Mungofitch has left the building, but his bottom detector fired off.
And on October 1st mungofitch.com added some bottom detection commentary.


Thanks. Look forward to reading it.

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Hi said2,

Did Jim share with you his intentions for his site? Do you know if he plans to keep it very simple as a place for him to publish text content or if he intends to make it so that readers can comment or interact with him?

If the former, I guess we can comment on his posts here (as has already been happening) but did he indicate to you if he plans to continue reading these boards even if he can’t post here? If so, we can indirectly interact with him.



Hi StevnFool -

I’m not said2, but I filled in the Contact page and sent Jim a message through his new web site. He did respond with an email back to me that said “I’m not sure how much I’ll post - Time will tell!”

I guess time will tell :wink:



I bookmarked it in my browser, ahead of any Fool board bookmarks.


Haha! Well, there’s one way to do it! I sent a note about Norsk Hydro, their fall back to average price trend and steady earnings over the recent past. They pay a dividend, but do not follow the steadiness that many income investors crave. With all of the aluminum shapes needed in the new economy and the trend to go to more aluminum content, they are in position to continue to supply material for that growth.


So is Jim no longer going to be posting here?

Correct. He has an objection to the tracking of modern browsers and this site does not work with the browser he is happy to use.

You can maintain some level of contact with him at his new site:

Mungofitch’s site


That’s too bad. I’m curious, what browsers are ok with @mungofitch? The folks at Discourse are quite dedicated to an open web and the best possible privacy.

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About that.
My Norton has recently pick up a lot of “ID theft” notices recently after just posting here a couple times.
Is it Discourse or not ? is the question


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Seems unlikely. Discourse mainly allows strangers to track your sleeping habits and whatnot. More elaborate approaches might be able to infer what you read and when, and so on.

There are ways to hide your identity fairly effectively with a bit of effort. You can create a TMF account with a unique email address that you use nowhere else. And you can log in from a private window in your browser, which doesn’t tie your IP address to your other activity on your computer. Or you can go a step further and log in through a VPN.


I have been using a VPN but getting 11 ID theft which was 3 a couple weeks ago. Now the personal info is also more accurate also. Seems too late to try getting rid of them but the I will try using the private window.


Now using a VPN , private window browser and changed Discourse settings to cookie only necessary. Lets see how that works out. Not happy.