Mass Shootings: Chesapeake, VA 22 NOV 22


So much rage these days.

Very sad. We all need to maintain awareness of what is happening around us because it seems violence can arise anywhere.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.


I suspect we only need to worry about 1% of the population as potential shooters. It would be great if we could figure out how to stop that 1%.


Updates. Looks like the shooter had “issues” with other managers at the store. Bing, the shooter, had worked for Walmart since 2010.

Employees interviewed by local media did not have much nice to say about Bing:

Bing opened fire in the breakroom at the back of the store. He shot ten people before killing himself.

When police searched his body, they found a list of names that contained the names of the colleagues he wished to target, according to local Virginia outlet WAVY, citing an anonymous source.

It is not yet clear if the victims were on the aforementioned list reportedly recorded by authorities.

From the University of Idaho mass shooting: Ten days have passed and the crime scene is still being processed by authorities. One of two surviving roomates made the 911 call:

During the press conference on Wednesday, officials also said that while they believe the crime was a targeted incident, they will not reveal any further information on how they came to this conclusion or who was the intended target.

Despite the lack of a suspect at this time, police said that during their investigation, they have collected 103 pieces of evidence from the residence where the crime occurred, as well as taking roughly 4,000 pictures of the crime scene. Detectives have also received over 1,000 tips from the public and have conducted 150 interviews.

I just saw the Colorado Springs shooter’s Dad of the Year speak his bile. This Bigot says out loud what GQPers are not supposed to say in public. This video screams “Parental Neglect” and gives us suspicions about why the gunman is so messed up:

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It was hard to understand the dad. But it was clear he’s an oddball. Seems like he was not a great positive influence on anybody.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.