Maybe COVID's not as over as we'd hoped…
Apple has suffered a production blow after the firm that assembles its iPhones was forced to shut two factories amid a Covid-19 shutdown in China’s Shenzen.


The current Covid-19 outbreak in China is the worst in the country since the start of the pandemic two years ago, with more than 5,000 locally transmitted case across China over the weekend. Daily cases have doubled to almost ,400 in the last 24 hours.

Yeah, I had heard. Hopefully China’s extreme measures pay off and the lockdown is short lived. Frankly, this is one characteristic of an authoritarian regime that is a benefit in situations like these. And at least China is 85% fully vaccinated (if we can believer them), although their vaccines may not be as effective against “stealth omicron” (aka, the B.A.2 lineage).