Maybe It Isn't Jesus Directing Her Shallow DD . . . Maybe Cathie Woods Is A Peyote Muncher? (RE: Tesla's Investor's Day Prom)

As Tucker Carson would say, “I’m just asking a question to one of the many Musk fluffers on Twitter.”"

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What Cathie Woods needs is a trip to a shrink so she can tell her where the non-existent Robotaxi touched her.



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So two of the biggest Tesla/Musk Pumpers/Fluffers have been stood up for the Investor’s Day Prom.

First, there is everyone’s favorite Tesla Incel . . . GALI!

. . . which elicited this wisecrack:

And the world’s worst criminal pumping Tesla and fluffing Musk: OMAR! (This guy has doxxed $TSLAQ people on Twitter numerous times:

Who is next on Elon’s shorter list of hagiographers? Twitter is in stitches.

But Gali is the Tesla fanboi gift which keeps on giving:

Will Ole Sparky mouth off about all the lawsuits against Tesla?

Here’s one I’d love to see Mr. Foot-In-Mouth address:

For real? Sparky, disengage from Twitter, Old Man, before the Chinese take back your factory’s land deal:

Damn, he’s close to crying . . . Gali got Musked big time:

I feel sorry for this guy because he’s a stone cold incel, no chance an interesting woman with critical thinking abilities will ever date him, and his whole life is Tesla & Musk. I hope he gets in because I don’t want to be making fun of a guy who might go suicidal.

Gali has brought this upon himself with his “analysis” and non-stop SuckUpIsm which makes Cathie Woods look like a sober handmaid to Musk.

Did I miss a month? Is today April 1, 2023? Investor Day Prom turning into a Scheisse Show already.

My BINGO card has “Optimus Riding A Neuralink Pig On A Treadmill While Musk Promises Free Piggy Back Rides To All FSD Bagholders.”

This is a Musk brainfart I never read or heard about. What year is this now?