MDB Q4 earnings

Tremendous beat on my expectations.

I was looking for at least 261.36 total revenue with YoY growth of 52.84%, an acceleration from prior quarter’s YoY growth of 50.49%
We got 266.5M instead, with YoY growth of 55.85%.

Atlas revenue was up 85% YoY at 21% QoQ Atlas growth, compared to 84% YoY Atlas growth last quarter, a tremendous acceleration! (It was also 17.33% Atlas QoQ growth last quarter).

Top full year guidance was above my expectations, I was looking for 30%, but we got 35% full year guide versus a guide of 29% last year

FCF positive 16.8M versus -9.21 last quarter.

Fourth Quarter Fiscal 2022 and Recent Business Highlights
– Released MongoDB 5.2, our latest quarterly product release, which
includes improvements to query functionality, enhancements to time series
collections, and new capabilities that allow teams to execute more
sophisticated analytic queries directly against their live operational
and transactional data.

– Continued momentum in partnerships with hyperscale cloud vendors (AWS,
Google Cloud, Azure), resulting in 80%+ growth in deals sourced by the
cloud vendors in Q4. We are seeing strong alignment and great field
execution in our AWS partnership, especially around larger deals and
migrations from on-premise to cloud. Google Cloud is also now featuring
MongoDB Atlas in the database portion of their console, further
increasing visibility and velocity with developers.

– Successfully onboarded over 2,000 employees remotely since the pandemic
began while maintaining high employee engagement as seen by the selection
to Crain’s Best Places to Work, Battery Ventures’ Top 25 Highest-Rated
Public Cloud Computing Companies to Work For, and Inc Magazine’s Best Led
Companies list.


Typo - it should be Atlas revenue was 88% YoY this quarter, up from 84% last quarter


Sorry. Just delete all my three posts for having plugged in wrong numbers off my spreadsheet. Atlas was up 85% YoY, 19% QoQ in this quarter, which is not what I initially wrote incorrectly twice in a row.


As the shift to the cloud (Atlas) continues to gain momentum, MDB’s overall KPI’s continue to improve. How good the Atlas business is somewhat hidden by the shrinking (but still relevant) on prem business. Each quarter, the true business gets unveiled a little bit at a time and appears to have a very long runway ahead. It’s a core position in my portfolio for the long term. Good work RonJon!

Also - our good friend Bert Hochfeld has a good writeup, free on SA today on Snowflake.…


Atlas continues to impress, now 5 quarters in a row of increasing growth.

Quarter	 Atlas % of Rev	   Atlas Growth	
Mar'22	    58%	              85%	
Dec'21	    58%	              84%	
Sep'21	    56%	              83%	
Jun'21	    51%	              73%	
Mar'21	    49%	              66%	
Dec'20	    47%	              61%	
Sep'20	    37%	              240% (small base)
Jun'20	    35%	              340% (small base)
Mar'19	    32%	              400% (small base)
Dec'18	    --	              --	
Sep'18	    18%	              400% (small base)