I have been looking for a rationale for today’s 5 percent drop, but have not found anything. Anyone else have insights.

Not worried, but inquiring minds want to know?


I was wondering as well. Hardest thing for me to learn with this strategy is that sometimes you get big drops for absolutely no reason whatsoever, and that is sometimes worrisome.

I am in the camp that there is always a reason. Understanding is the key.


From CNBC:
MongoDB – Shares of cloud service MongoDB dropped 2.2 percent following a report that a company database, run by the Indian government, leaked personal data of 12.5 million pregnant women in India.

I wouldn’t overthink it. A 5% drop on no news of note is nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Especially for a stock that is up 66% YTD, and up 241% over the last year.



I don’t think that is the reason. Database leaks have occured many times in the past without the stock drop. Mostly such instances are due to poor security on the part of the user. It is hard to imagine why. Perhaps someone getting cash for buys of IPOs or stock that have just reported earnings.

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I am in the camp that there is always a reason. Understanding is the key.

There always is a reason but that does not mean one can always ferret it out. To get my meaning study the Science of Complexity.…

The above is why prices seem to wander around at random.

Denny Schlesinger

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The Indian government data leak is old news, I first read about it a month ago, beginning of April.


AYX, NTNX, TWLO, ZS, PSTG, NVDA … are all down.
S&P 500 and 100, NYSE, etc are also down.

Perhaps it’s just a “sector” thing?

At any rate, it doesn’t seem to be MDB specific.


Mongo is one of the most volatile stocks in all the market. I bought it at 30s and 40s on crashed. When it was 85 i said it would reach 60s before hitting the $100s. That is what it does, and does so for no reason at all other than the invisible hands moving money around on a daily basis.

However, in the end, do you ascertain it’s end direction?



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