Meanwhile, in the Baltic -- Russia Blows Another Pipeline

The President of Finland released a statement regarding an explosion which destroyed a gas pipeline and telecom cable under the Baltic between Finland and Estonia, saying all signs indicate Russia is responsible. The nature of the damage and circumstances are nearly identical to those of the Nordstream pipeline event in September of 2022.

How much damage can one man inflict upon the world? It seems one man is hellbent on finding out.



Looks like Russia wants a conflict with NATO.

There will be stray aim.

The US gave long-distance rockets to Ukraine to take out two air bases. This is the payback? Probably.

There needs to be some damage to allow the US a justification to strike Russia in a harder way. Not necessarily bombs but economic. More strategically a target can be used to change how much money the Russians are printing. I do not see that target but it will pop up soon enough.

Annual inflation accelerated to 6.38% as of Oct. 16, above the bank’s 4% target, pushed up by Russia’s budget deficit, labour shortages, strong consumer demand and the rouble’s depreciation this year.18 hours ago

Russia to hike rates to 14% as inflation pressure remains high: Reuters poll | Reuters.

Russian inflation is beginning to spiral out of control
This is from a month ago.

What is Russia’s inflation rate now?

Year-over inflation rate in Russia weekly 2022-2023

During the week ending September 11, 2023, the year-over-year inflation rate in Russia was measured at 5.33 percent, having increased from the previous week.Sep 20, 2023

As the investigation into damage to Baltic Sea critical infrastructure continues, Finland’s Minister of European Affairs Anders Adlercreutz said it’s hard to believe sabotage to the undersea gas pipeline was accidental — or that it happened without Beijing’s knowledge.

“I’m not the sea captain. But I would think that you would notice that you’re dragging an anchor behind you for hundreds of kilometers,” Adlercreutz said in an interview Thursday in Brussels. “I think everything indicates that it was intentional. But of course, so far, nobody has admitted to it.”

Finland and Estonia have been investigating the rupture of the Balticconnector, a 77-kilometer-long gas pipeline that connects the two NATO members beneath the Baltic Sea. The pipeline was damaged around October 7-8, along with two telecoms cables connecting Estonia to Finland and Sweden.

An investigation by Finnish authorities identified as the main suspect Chinese container ship Newnew Polar Bear, which is believed to have dragged its anchor across the Baltic Sea seabed, cutting through the cables and gas lines. The anchor — which weighs 6,000 kilograms — was retrieved a few meters from the site of the damage.