Medicaid Questions

Hi guys, I am caregiver to my handicapped Brother, who lives in assisted living. He is receiving Medicaid, since he has very little income. It is time to re-apply him for Medicaid and there are a couple of health insurance questions on the forms. From what I understand, there is no supplemental health insurance for someone on Medicaid? Right now, some of his minor doctor’s appointments are not totally covered, and I just pay those our of his bank account. Does anyone know if you can get supplement health insurance for someone on Medicaid? Thanks for any info. I appreciate it.


Medicaid is administered at the state level. That makes it difficult to answer your questions. I’d say contact your state office and ask.


I’m pretty sure it’s a no…supplemental plans are intended to supplement original Medicare so can’t be used with Medicaid or Medicare Advantage.

I guess they would be available if your brother is eligible for both Medicaid and Medicare…but I would suspect wouldn’t be necessary as it’s unlikely there’d be any out of pocket with dual coverage.