mekong22 Jan 2020 Portfolio Update

Great start to 2020 for many of us!

Although I probably won’t get to do a full writeup every month, here is a brief update of my activities in January. Most of my overall thoughts on the companies I own are unchanged from my year end writeup:…

Since I wasn’t too far off my summer 2019 peak at the end of December, I quickly reached a new all-time high in the first week of 2020. Although Friday the 31st was an overall down day for SaaS companies, my still significant AMZN holdings shot up on their strong Q4 earnings report and helped to offset much of yesterday’s drop.

For the month of January, I was up +15.5% overall. For the 13 months since January 1, 2018, up +82.5%! Alteryx, MongoDB, and to a lesser extent, Crowdstrike led my portfolio over the past month. Continuing the trend from 2019, Amazon stock was up nearly 9% in January, yet was outpaced by the rest of my stocks and now represents about 1% less of my portfolio allocation, despite not selling any shares this month.

Here’s my 1/31/20 allocation, and just a reminder that many of these holdings are a blend of both common stock and call options. Options particularly make up much of the NTNX, CRWD, KMI, ZM, DOCU, and SMAR that I own.

	12/31/2019	1/31/2020
MDB	   15.0%	  17.6%
AMZN	   18.3%	  17.2%
TTD	   18.5%	  16.6%
AYX	   12.3%	  15.9%
KMI	   11.7%	  10.9%
NTNX 	    6.9%	   6.5%
DOCU	    3.5%	   3.2%
CRWD	    2.3%	   3.2%
OKTA	    4.9%	   2.8%
DDOG	    2.1%	   2.0%
ESTC	    1.7%	   1.8%
SMAR	    1.0%	   0.9%
ZS	    1.5%	   0.6%
GH 	     -   	   0.5%
ZM 	    0.4%	   0.4%

MDB and AYX’s rises this month has pushed my four biggest holdings really close together as I now have a very similar valued stake in all four. Mongo jumped all the way from third to first place in terms of value of my holdings in January.

So what did I do in January?

As I planned and mentioned in my previous year-end post, I sold off about one-third of my OKTA and moved those funds into CRWD, NTNX, and ESTC.

A little later in the month, I sold off some of my Zscaler and got back into a small investment in Guardant Health (just a few call option contracts). My thought process for nibbling back into GH is described in my post here:…

And then just over the last day or two, I sold some more Zscaler and some Datadog and added more KMI options. KMI is a high yield, non growth stock, so not really for this board, but the stock’s pullback at the end of the week and their expected dividend increase this year was enough for me to add some more chips to that pile.

From an investing standpoint, the next few months are probably my favorite time of year because we get fourth quarter earnings announcements coming up and then, (because companies get extra time to announce year-end compared to the first three quarters), we get the first quarter announcements very soon afterwards. Given that many of our SaaS companies have January 31 fiscal year-ends, it staggers them nicely and gives us a steady stream of news and numbers to pore over nearly every week.

It’s almost scary how “normal” being up +15% for my entire portfolio in one month feels these days. Thanks to all of the great contributors on this board, hopefully 2020 keeps moving in the right direction!