Meta launches AI to write computer code

" Facebook and Instagram owner Meta has released a flurry of AI models, mostly free, this year, including an open-source language model, called Llama, that poses a serious challenge to proprietary models sold by Microsoft-backed (MSFT.O) OpenAI and Alphabet’s (GOOGL.O) Google.

The new AI model is built on top of Meta’s latest Llama 2 language model and will be available in different configurations, the company said, as it gears up to compete with Microsoft’s code-writing tool GitHub Copilot."

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The question is not how could this go wrong? The question is how could this go right?

BTW I got the code editor working today. I dropped Node js and the C++ then would compile. I took four lessons out of 20 on the beginner level. This is now easy. A week from now the lessons complete I will search out lessons on UE for a week. Then the game development will begin. Hopefully two months later the game will be close to good to go.

My MIT nephew will round up some of his friends to give it a trial run. I will get feedback. The game will be on the PlayFab/Azure system. I can release it from there. If the MIT guys like it I may have instant word of mouth. Note, I am going to write a few Twitch guys about the MIT guys and offer an invite. If I get one or two Twitch guys the word of mouth would be huge. I will also ask the MIT guys to search out the Twitch guys they know.

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good luck!

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Thanks…I think the luck already happened. A creative imagination is not a given.

I realized my NFT marketing was cold calling. I am at about 6000 people reached so far and a frequency of 5.6 roughly. As I get across a frequency of 7 and 10000 reached things could get really good.

Cold calling works. Just doing it literally at a phone would be totally dehumanizing.

The movie industry realized in the 1930s that showing previews, inviting critics, running ads, putting up movie posters etc…when a larger audience had seen news of the film 7 times each the theaters would be crowded. The magic number was the rule of 7.

You seem to think there’s magic in these numbers, andI’m quite sure there’s not. Some people will have seen it once or twice, some 10 or 11 times. Depending on the proclivity of the audience, some may respond after just a single showing, or two. Some, obviously, will never respond, no matter how many times they see it.

Keep going, and good luck, but prepare yourself for doubt, despair, distress, anguish, pain, gloom, melancholy, depression, and of course, bankruptcy.

Have a nice day!


But that’s the beauty of things like NFTs! There’s negligible capital investment for the creator. Just a tiny ETH (or whatever) listing fee, and perhaps a few transaction fees when something is sold. And perhaps, as in this case, some small investment in online advertising. Other than that, being an artist, the art would be created whether it is eventually sold or not … because that’s the raison d’etre of artists throughout history. No risk of bankruptcy.

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Thanks a lot! LMAO

I have noted how often you are wrong. I feel more confident now. I have had to correct you before. I will have to correct you again.

Rembrandt went bankrupt half way through his career. He was living way beyond his means. Tastes shifted and he was out of luck. He went from the highest paid artist to the least paid artist. But the costs he was incurring was the problem like with any businessperson who is not in control of the costs.

I am worried about the Goof’s retirement. His outlook in life is not good.

Cold calling is a terrible waste of time. A professional sales rep learns how to build and maintain an inventory of ‘prospects.’ A prospect has four attributes.

  1. Need
  2. Money
  3. Access
  4. I don’t recall the last one

At the insurance sales training we were told to make a list of 100 names of people we knew, friends, family, merchants, colleagues, schoolmates. Anyone who fogged a mirror. Once we had the list these names were rated by each of the above attributes, Do they need insurance? Do they have the money to buy the insurance? Do we have access to them? Only if they met all four were they to be considered ‘prospects.’ At IBM the first step was to canvas your territory, the businesses likely to need what you are selling.

Only after you have your list of prospects do you make calls. You start by making appointments. At each call one of the tasks was to get referrals even if you didn’t make a sale to continuously update your inventory of prospects.

The 4th item was not to waste your time. At insurance they told us to remove any prospect that didn’t buy by the second or third call. Make your appointments within walking distance from one another, don’t waste time driving around. At NCR Sr. Hansen, my boss, said that if we made eight calls each day we would make the quota.

There are several forms of salesmanship from order taking to creative selling to professional selling. The best sales reps work the longest hours and waste as little time as possible.

Cold calling works poorly.

BTW, at insurance they told us to expect to make one sale per ten calls. This is an incredibly important factoid. Typical conversation on returning to the insurance office.

Q. ¿Denny, how did your day go?
D. ¡Great!
Q. ¿What did you sell?
D. Nothing.
Q. ¿What so great about that?
D. ¡Only four more nos to go until my next sale!

The Captain



You are being literal. I am not sitting at a desk calling anyone at all.

All ads going out into the marketplace are to varying degrees cold calling. If you know the product prior to seeing the ad that gets you as a consumer closer to the rule of 7.

Currently as of this morning 6000 people in my audience have seen the ads. The frequency is approaching 6. Meaning close to 36000 ads have been served. There are three ads. This means I have an affect that is larger in how my product is seen. It is also automatically retargeting with this method.

I am going for the most impressions as the goal. Going for the most clicks means cold calling people who do not know your product. I am going back again and again so that people do know my product until they go to buy.

If I bought an ad in a small newspaper for a mom pop on main street the cost would be the same. The waste in that ad would be similar. The cost would be at least $420 per 35 days. That is my cost.

Goof enough, the Russian version, is worried about my bankruptcy over $420. I need to check my bank account.

So I am reaching 15000 people with well targeted ads with 105k impressions over the course of 35 days at a rate of $12 per day. $420! True to MeTAR form the sky is falling.

The other thing true to internet form, when a bunch of guys who have no clue tell you it wont work. Or it is too expensive. Or it did not work for me forget about it.

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Ads are ads.
Cold calls are cold calls.
And the twain shall never meet.

The Captain


If no one knows you from Adam it is a cold call.

Right now 6000 people are some mix of that is really cool but can you stop it? Or that is really cool love those ads. It is day 12. By day 35?

If Goof enough is correct I will be out $420. The rest of his dire warning was hilarious because he is right about cold calling. Those emotions are the first level of it.

Captain you are correct it really is not cold calling. It is heavily digitized and much more effective.

What’s a word for “almost never”?

Here: some help.



Another opportunity to correct you. It is literally all the time. Every time you call me on something you have not comprehended what is going on.

This time…$420 will cause my bankruptcy? You are the all knowing Goof.

Have a good evening. Try not to spend too much of it looking in the mirror.