Metal additive manufacturing…

this pdf is not by any producer of metal 3DP but by an aerospace user, GE.

it should be pointed out that both laser sintering and EBM in metals have little in common with plastic 3 DP. They are not competitors, they each have their strong points. The market is expected to quadruple by 2019,

Not in the pdf but I expect acceleration of at least the EBM part of it from there because the massive basic EBM research done in the last year or so will take that long to appear in commercial products.
Lots of companies do laser sintering. Only one does EBM, and they have lots of patent and trade secret protection…

All the basics of jet aircraft design are already known. Lighter weight is the key to improvement and with 3DP, complexity of design is feee.


Mauser, dude! When you’re going to post on this stuff you have to have “3D Printing” screaming from the subject not some under the radar nomenclature like additive manufacturing! It just isn’t sexy.