Terrific new Reuters article on Arcam

Wow! Incredible article on Reuters just came out this morning. It’s much longer than my excerpt and well worth clicking through to.



Sweden’s Arcam soars in 3D printing boom

By Johannes Hellstrom
STOCKHOLM, Jan 23 (Reuters) - Sweden’s Arcam was 2013’s best performing 3D printer maker, with investors desperate for exposure to a metal printing technique that is making manufacturing more efficient.

Shares in the tiny company whose clients include GE Aviation , Boeing, Airbus and GKN Aerospace, surged 530 percent in the past year rocketing ahead of 3D printing giants 3D Systems and Stratasys.

3D printing is still in its infancy on most factory floors and in some industries where bulk production is required it may never be fully adopted but McKinsey estimates that it could have a huge economic impact by 2025, explaining why investors are so keen on the sector.

Arcam’s machines print metal parts for the aerospace and implants industries where they make complicated pieces in smaller volumes, allowing companies to save on expensive metal such as titanium.

“There’s a clear advantage to using it in aerospace…Because you can design different you can therefore lightweight something,” said Richard Hague, a professor at Nottingham University and an expert in additive manufacturing.

“For aerospace if you can lightweight something then you can save fuel and make it a massive cost saver over the life-time of the aircraft.”…

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Yes. And on quite a trajectory since Tuesday’s price at split of 36.47 to current (Thursday morning) 49.40.

Still looking forward to seeing the increase show up in my account as ticker still stock still in my portfolio at a frozen pre-split 145.91, with the original number of shares pre-split, also, and no stock movement showing, Schwab reporting that the new shares, price, ticker won’t show or be live for me until Monday…

But nice on such a red day as today to know there is a little more green in my account than almost only NFLX (as wondrous as NFLX’s green today is — my first 27 bagger).