Meteor Lake gaming laptop limited to 16gb!?

The claim or speculation is that the on chip 16GB memory may be all the machine supports – fast but inflexible. I can see why OEMs are frustrated if this is an answer worth considering.


Think the latest article has now been corrected : Corrigendum: The article originally incorrectly stated that the Zephyrus M16 could be limited to 16 GB of on-package RAM. A 32 GB version is on the anvil as well. The headline and corresponding section in the article have been corrected accordingly.

Meteor lake does get a lot of stick for not being much of an improvement though, it’s the first topic starting about 5 minutes in discussed here :

Meteor lake is mostly a β€œU” series product for thin and light laptops. I suspect Raptor lake refresh will dominate β€œH” series gaming machines.
Meteor lake is going to be very expensive to produce for a while so Intel will steer much of the volume to the less expensive raptor lake.

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okay, that would make some sense here. But still. I dunno.

When we compare the i9 products we see:
Intel_10 raptor lake refresh: i9 14900HX 8+16 cores for 32 threads, 5.8GHZ clock, but 55W TDP
Intel_4 Meteor Lake: i9 Ultra 185H 6+10 cores for 22 threads, 5.1Ghz, 45W TDP.
The much better GPU in Meteor lake is almost worthless in a gaming rig as it will have a high performance discrete GPU. That leaves the lower power, and the AI accelerator as the only real benefits. OTOH, the β€œU” series also includes significantly more performance in the same power envelope, and much better gaming performance with the integrated GPU. With the new very low power SOC cores it also allows extended video playback without powerup of either the GPU or the main CPU. Reports are of 24 hour battery life in meteor lake for many users.

We will see when the products are released in a few weeks what we really get, but I expect the 14900HX to be cheaper, and better performing than the 185H. We will see.

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For completeness I should have included a comparison of the β€œU” SKU parts. Here is the closest comparison I can come up with:
Intel_10 Raptor Lake i7 1365u: 2+8 cores for 12 threads, 5.2Ghz, and 15w tdp
Intel_4 Meteor Lake i7 155u: 2+12? cores for 14 threads, 4.8Ghz, 15w
I suspect the Intel_4 part is really 2+10 for 12 threads, but again, we will see.

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