Mid Year Review

I troll on this board a lot. I have a few Saul stock’s in my port. so I included this here.



Thanks for posting your results Retirementdough. I see you have big positions in SKX, SWKS, and AMZN, all three of which are in my top four. I’m mildly curious though why you did your mid-year review only 5 months into the year.


Best, and please post more often.


Retirementdough, can you copy the post and paste here for those of us who are interested but don’t have Stock Advisor?



I just had a little time and wanted to share. Normally I do a review at the end/beginning of the year. This past January I was extremely busy and did not have the time so I thought I would put share now. Additionally my portfolio is down from July of last year and I felt like sharing during the down times has values for others. Its always easier to share during successful stretches. I think for young investors, it is most helpful to understand how those with more experience think/act during the stagnate or down periods.

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PaulWBryant here you go:

I have on occasion over the past few years tried to report on my retirement portfolio in an attempt to “pay it forward” to those who are seeking knowledge on investing.

If you are interested in my past post use the search function and type in my name and review which should bring most of them up.

I have stated and will continue to state I am not a good written communicator, much better verbal but bare with my poor grammar.

Below is my current portfolio and percent allocation:

NUAN 0.3%
FB 0.3%
TRIP 0.4%
CLNE 1.0%
SBUX 1.1%
CGNX 1.5%
AMBA 1.7%
DIS 1.8%
NFLX 1.8%
GLW 1.9%
INFN 1.9%
ILMN 3.4%
BRK.B 4.4%
KORS 5.2%
ATVI 5.8%
SWKS 6.0%
SWIR 6.8%
KMI 6.8%
AMZN 9.2%
SKX 9.7%
GILD 12.4%
AAPL 15.1%

Cash 1.4%

I own 9 less positions than last year around this time. I had taken some profits from a NFLX sale and bought many smaller allocations in companies that I was interested in learning about. The more I learned the more I sold a few of them off. This is a bit different philosophy then most. I actually “gamble” my hard earned money on companies that I may not have a great understanding of because I have found that is the only way I will put enough energy into learning about a company.

This way has a cost to it without a doubt, but I been fortunate in that I have many winners that have more than made up for the losers. I start with SMALL positions. Usually the losers get sold off within a year or two. The winners usually stick in the portfolio for 5+ years.

The sold position since last year are: DDD, TDC, LFUS, CLB, LUK, BANC, INBK, SYNA, CRTO, XPO, PCLN (use to be number 2 holding), FEYE.

Since last year I have initiated or increased my holdings in INFN, ILMN, SKX, SWKS, GLW, DIS, KMI.

My top 5 holding are over 50% of my portfolio value. Last year my top 5 holding were also over 50% of my portfolio value. Biggest change was selling out of PCLN which last year was 13% of my portfolio. This year new to my top five is SKX which is my third largest holding currently 9.7% of my portfolio.

The bottom 10 stocks are only 11.8% of my portfolio. I am holding around 22 stocks.

Last year in July I was 16.2% in cash, currently I am 1.4%. Too many buying opportunities this past year to leave cash on sidelines. Additionally my businesses are doing well and I feel less inclined to have a cash position in retirement funds for emergencies.

Lately there seems to be a lot of differing opinions on the economy. I for one am an optimist. Here in Florida, housing is booming, tourism is booming, the economy is booming. Is it over heated? I do not think so. Seems those that want to work are working. I feel as if the market is going to rise over the next 3 year horizon.

My portfolio is down in value since last year around this time. I have not looked close but I know it is roughly down ~10 since last summer (which was right when things started to fall in the market). I have faith in my portfolio of companies. Last time I felt this strongly about my portfolio it doubled in a matter of two years. I would not be surprised in a similar outcome within 3 year time period.