Midro-LED vs. OLED

I remember someone mentioning buying OLED stock. I just found articles about Apple using something else, called micro-LED, in the Watch and upcoming iPhone models.

For instance:

Yes, I am the guy who suggested owning OLED to this board. (And it’s been a nice double for me since then)

It takes years for the manufacturing capacities to be built out before you can disrupt any screen technology. This has been the case with OLED, even though it has been widely regarded as a superior technology to LCD or LED for the past 6-7 years, it has taken Billions of dollars in investment in manufacturing plants over those years before OLED is now taking significant market share from that older technology.

Theoretically, if Micro LED’s are better than OLED then they have that same mountain to climb (unless there is something unique about manufacturing these things that I am unaware of)