Missing ticker in portfolios

In one of my portfolios, I tried entering the ticker DGIEX for the BNY Mellon Emerging Markets Fund, but the system doesn’t seem to know this ticker. What should I do?

If you are talking about CAPs, it has its own board to request a listing. But mutual funds and etfs are excluded from the program.


are you looking for a forum about this particular Fund? I don’t think you will find it here if so…doc

I am talking about My Portfolios. I want to add the DGEIX fund to one of my portfolios, but the program doesn’t seem to recognize that ticker.

In your OP you write DGIEX:
Which does yield BNY … on Yahoo Finance.

In this last post you write:
“want to add the DGEIX fund”

Which YF shows as:

ralph knows from experience that transcription errors are EASY!

Sorry for my typo. The fund I want to add is DGIEX, and while finance.yahoo.com can find that ticker correctly, the Fool Portfolio manager doesn’t find it.

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