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Looks like Morningstar will retire their Portfolio Manager from basic users (it wasn’t that great anyway)

Any recommendations for another on-line portfolio tracker? It doesn’t necessarily have to be free, but I would appreciate some nice features like comparison with an index, unrealized vs realized gains etc.

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I built my own spreadsheet to my own requirements using Google Docs. It accesses current ticker prices live, but I have to update any stock option prices manually.

Why? I get exactly what I want (with the exception of stock option value updates) in the format I want and I don’t have to be concerned about Morningstar (or others) dropping the service. Very simple to use and Google updates the software on occasion making it more versatile.

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+1 on Google Docs (Sheets)

You want to use the =GoogleFinance() functions.

=GoogleFinance(MSFT, “name”)

You can, of course, use cell reference:
=GoogleFinance(A1, “name”)

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