MLB: Yankees Aaron Judge Player of the Week

This guy has got such a sweet swing:

The Yankees’ Aaron Judge is named the AL Player of the Week after smashing three home runs and hitting .473 since the All-Star Break

473 since the All-Star Break

He’s on a roll, if you include the two games before the All Star break, He’s hitting .560

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.560? Wow. It’s like he’s seeing the ball with Cyber Ted Williams Vision™. That’s an amazing stat, TB. Mind blowing.

Look at his other stats too. He’s easy to find, top of this list:

Nice baseball stats link, thanks

I noticed that Freddie Freeman is down around 40 with Brls/PA. Brandon Belt rates above Freddie when it comes to ball velocity.
Freddie has been hitting over 400 since the All Star break, and when you sort by “batting events” he’s around number 6.
Judge is just a monster when it comes to barreling the ball.

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I love these new statistics. I would love to be able to compare them to stats from the days of DiMaggio, Ruth, Maris, Mantle, Mays, Clemente, etc. But I know some of this stuff couldn’t be computated back then without radar and other technological marvels of this era used in sports.

Freddie Freeman, btw, is one I’ll pay more attention to this half.

Homer #61 is in the books:

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