Monday vs. Asana

Has everyone seen this Fool comparison between the two companies?…


Ordinarily we don’t welcome one line posts to a link and no discussion, but this extensive article by the MF Blueprint Service comparing the two companies on a number of criteria, is so thoughtful, definitive, descriptive, and comprehensive, as well as easy to read, that I have to give it a pass and a big welcome.…

But Falling Wallenda, please give a little description next time, as I have done. And please tell us what the MF Blueprint Service is. Thanks a lot for introducing the article to the board.



And please tell us what the MF Blueprint Service is.

Aha! The MF Blueprint Service seems to be a service for businesses which rates software in over 20 different categories (project management being just one), so you can pick which is best for your business. Other categories are things like CRM, Payroll, Human Resources, E-Commerce, etc, etc, etc, so the service is meant for businesses, not for investors. It doesn’t seem to be behind a paywall as I am not a subscriber to Blueprint and it let me in without asking anything.

Reading the comparison between Monday and Asana in many categories makes it clear why Monday is growing so much faster. Read the whole thing, but the conclusion couldn’t have been clearer: Which software is better?
The winner of this comparison couldn’t be more clear. Both of these platforms are high-quality project management products, but when it comes to features, support, integrations, and ease of use, Monday has a clear edge over Asana.

What else would you have expected considering that it was growing revenue 20 percentage points faster, and growing enterprise clients by an amazing 200% yoy.:grinning::grinning::grinning:



Sorry, Saul. I got shy.

FYI: I don’t know when this article is from. The link came up in a Google search as I was searching comparisons between the two companies because it seems like Asana gets all the investing attention even though the numbers bely Monday’s strength.

This article got me to go to Monday.Com website and try to sample the product. This kind of Project Management software is not anything I’ve ever had to use, being a writer, but I certainly can recognize a well designed user interface with enormous functionality and modularity. It’s kind of exciting.

As I prattle on, wasn’t it better when I shut up and handed off the material to the experts?

Just kidding. I’m really enjoying investigating stuff I never had to before. Thanks for including me and being so nice. All of you.


FYI: I don’t know when this article is from

Looks like it is from July 2020.