monday's presentations

monday made two investor presentations this morning:

monday views Asana and Smartsheet as project management tools. monday viewa itself as an operating system. That’s all I have time to post now.


The correct link:


Piper Sandler conference Notes
With CEO Roy Mann and CFO

70% of customers are non-tech companies

Idea for creating company came from running teams and other companies. They had to find and change tools/software all the time as new members and teams were added to projects. Ended up having to re-code software to allow it to work with needs. Want to provide that ability to everyone. Not just developers

in 70% of deals they’re not competing against anyone else. They are the only option

Largest customer has over 7000 users, 2 years ago it was 1000 or less.

50K+ customers segment has been growing much faster than the rest of the business

Every deal that they close creates an opportunity for a new one. So much room to grow in existing customers and they see it happen all the time

Digitizing work it what Monday aims to do. This is an evolution of how we work that is going to take place

back of envelope number:

Every 5 million users could add 1B in revenue for Monday

MS Office 365 has user base of 350 million users

Slack has 10’s of millions of users

Jefferies Virtual Conference
With CEO Eran Zaltin

Software is rigid. As developers its easy to tailor software to your needs. Monday gives that ability to everyone, by providing you with building blocks that you can use to create anything you want

Asana and Smartsheets are project management software. You can’t manage a sales team within Asana. You could manage they project they were working on but you can’t manage the actual deals or contacts. You can’t manage inventory. You can’t manage HR

There is always a comparison made because Monday uses project management as one of their go to market solutions. But once customers start using it the way they use it is very different from Asana.

Monday allows others to intigrate so if you use Monday for everything but like Asana for project management. You could still use them. Monday is the backbone of work and other work tools can integrate into it.

  1. Enhance existing building blocks

  2. Enterprise- plan to go into larger and larger deployments improve product for large organizations

  3. Double down on being connected layer. Provide more integrations

  4. Marketplace- just lunched 2 Qs ago. Lots of growth in use


Around 15 min into the Jeffries Virtual Conference video, Eran Zinman of Monday explains what separates Monday from Asana and Smartsheet.

  1. Asana and Smartsheet are focused primarily on project management.

  2. Monday is a platform that can be shaped to manage any part of the business - sales team, contacts, HR, inventory.

  3. The goal is not to replace Asana or Smartsheet but is to co-exist. They heavily invest in integration and have integration with Asana and other tools such as Jira.

  4. Monday’s goal is to be the organization’s backbone - work OS that runs the ENTIRE organization.



You can’t manage a sales team within Asana. You could manage they project they were working on but you can’t manage the actual deals or contacts.
You can’t manage HR

I googled “asana sales”, “asana human resources” and found below Asana tools for task management, including a sales pipeline tool, so I doubt the accuracy of the above statements.