Monkeys and Bunnies


Your humble resident Monkey has refrained from contributing much in recent months because so much wisdom has been flowing without him, he didn’t want to interrupt. Forgive him for taking the easy way out.

But on a day in which both Tragedy and the largeness of the human spirit co-exist, Monkey wanted to express his explicit gratitude for folks who run this board. It is, as many have said, life-changing.

But not merely because of the business side of things. What this board has done is bring together brilliant analytical minds, who share their insights––for free!––to help others. This is generosity made flesh, and it is exceedingly rare in a “what’s mine is mine” world.

Yes, we bicker, but that bickering helps keep ups focused on what’s truly important to us as a community of investors. Boundaries do need to be clarified and maintained so that the weeds don’t overwhelm the flowers.

There are reasons to do things in this world that are limited in scope, and things that have a much, much wider impact than most of us can even conceive of.

Thank you to Saul for helping bring together this ragmuffin group of kind, intelligent people who help one another become better investors, and, Monkey’s hope and faith, better, more charitable beings.

May you all munch on the most delicious chocolate Banana you can find,



I concur.

I wholeheartedly agree, and thank Saul and all Board contributors!