More of individual interest than METAR

…but maybe not.

Right on cue, a freebie from my pal Peter (purely out of the goodness of his heart, I’m sure). A review of a study that I’m sure is making the rounds of the internet echo chamber via the obligatory press release.

TL:DR … nothing to see (except an insight into rodent research)

Particularly pertinent to those of us who’re Chronologically Enriched and wish for even more of it. I’ve had a recent eye opener into the effects of acute lack of exercise in the elderly population. Everyone might think of falls in the context of the impact of this…or prolonged illness. Well, lots of other things can happen.

So, I recently had my mammogram and bone density scan. Mammogram clear but, for the first time ever, my T scores were not in the +ve. Now, granted, only of the order of -.4 or soand nowhere near osteopenia (Z scores still slightly in the +ve…but the bar probably isn’t set too high there) Now, looking at what might be responsible for this since my last pre Covid scan, I can only imagine that the post op period following my lapiplasty was a major contributor…my months of pre prep notwithstanding. Totally off my feet for 2 weeks and barely any weight bearing for appreciably longer. The loss of muscle in my calf and thigh was quite evident…and a lot of my PT was designed to address that. Expected some loss of bone density but I imagined I was doing enough.

Remedied that now of course. Another area where the promises of pills appear far more enticing than what a body needs to do to make them unnecessary. Accidents and illness aren’t always preventable. Elective stuff…especially orthopedic…needs forethough, pre planning and pre prep.