More future proofing

Going to be dipping into the family coffers next week to sign up for a course designed for fitness training for post menopausal women. Particularly osteoporosis prevention. Primary motivation…to correct the things I know that just ain’t so, along with discovering the things I don’t. I’ve already had a taste of both since part of my retail therapy after my foot surgery was enrollment in a different women-specific training course by the same company and that proved to be seriously excellent.

Had a DEXA scan and mammogram last month. Both mercifully “negative” but, for the first time ever, my T-score had dipped into the actual -ve. Granted, only to about -ve .3 and .4 so nowhere even close to osteopenia/low bone mass and possibly almost within the margin of error for the technology … and which I’m surmising might be a result of the period of bed rest/non weight bearing activity following my surgery (doesn’t take much for the Chronologically Enriched!) However, not being one to sit and wait to see, I’m onnit. I did a Buff Bones training workshop years ago, so I’ll be ferreting out the course work for that but, from the textbooks from the last course, it’s evident that things have moved on since the last decade’s understanding.

I suspect that the info contained isn’t for GRRRLZ only. More to come (I’ll be disappointed if there’s nothing shareworthy)