More weapons to help Ukrainian fighters

Five Mi-17 helicopters, 2,600 Javelin anti-armor systems, 600 Stinger anti-aircraft systems, 70 Humvees and 40 MILLION rounds of ammunition: The breakdown of Biden’s arms shipments to Ukraine in full

Biden has sent Mi-17 helicopters and 70 Humvees in military aid to Ukraine

He announced more weapons to help Ukrainian fighters on Wednesday

A list obtained by reveals the inventory sent in the past year

It includes 200 grenade launchers, 200 shotguns, and 200 machine guns

As well as 40 million rounds of ammunition and a grenade and artillery rounds…

Not counting the stuff taken from Russians.

Pootin will go crazy affecting everyone unless one of his insiders turns

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I thought the USA wasn’t sending any aircraft out of fear it would be seen as an escalation by NATO and expand the theater of war beyond Ukraine. Do helicopters not qualify as aircraft?

Who wonders if he is misunderstanding and the helicopters were given to Ukraine before the Russian invasion…

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Do helicopters not qualify as aircraft?


DEPENDS upon what kinda pilot you ask.

phormer phixed-wing phantom phlyer

Definition: Helicopter = a bunch of powered parts operating in close formation, ill-suited for their task of BEATING the air into submission to momentarily attain flight.

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