Prez sends 2 Patriot missile batteries to Poland…

Biden sends two Patriot missile batteries to Poland after calling plan to send all their MIG-29 jets to Ukraine ‘unworkable’:

The United States is sending two Patriot missile batteries to Poland as a ‘defensive deployment’

The missiles are designed to counter and destroy incoming short-range ballistic missiles, advanced aircraft and cruise missiles

The plan to deliver Soviet-era planes to Ukraine has stalled over fears it could escalate Russian aggression

Poland said it was placing the jets at the ‘disposal of the government of the United States of America’

That suggests Poland is trying to push Washington to go further in backing Ukraine with weaponry

Administration officials said the Polish announcement had taken them by surprise

In the Kyiv suburb of Iripin, 20 miles from the city center, there were reports of hand-to-hand combat between Russian invaders and Ukrainian defense forces…

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