Motor Trend review of the Lightyear 0

Here is Motor Trend magazine’s review of the production model of the Lightyear:2023 Lightyear 0 Solar Car First Look: Sunshine’s Free, This Costs a Quarter of a Million Dollars
This futuristic EV can trundle along, soaking up the sun for energy, avoiding plugs for long periods.…


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Here is Motor Trend magazine’s review of the production model of the Lightyear

Seems like this wasn’t an actual review, rather just passing along the PR from Lightyear. Cars actually being delivered to customers won’t happen until December, if things go as planned for them. Maybe we’ll see production models in the hands of Motor Trend and other publications before then and they can try to reproduce Lightyears claim of the solar panels providing ~44 miles of range daily, which will be a remarkable achievement if true.

This car will have virtually zero impact on the marketplace either way, as it’s loaded with expensive technology: carbon fiber body, 4 hub-mounted electric motors, etc … boosting its price to ~$265,000 for a pokey mid-size sedan. Talk about a niche market! Ultra-rich people who want to pay super-car prices for the ultimate eco-mobile, with poor performance.

I’ll be highly curious on how the car magazines report on its ride and handling once they get their hands on one to test. The hub-mounted electric motors have been discussed for a long time, but there are big problems to overcome because it adds to the cars un-sprung weight: basically the amount of weight that isn’t supported by the suspension: wheel, tire, suspension etc … this figure is important because the suspension can keep the tire in contact with the road a lot easier with low unsprung weight, affecting handling and ride. Putting an electric motor into the wheel obviously adds unsprung weight, so the question is whether Lightyear has adequately engineered the car to deliver acceptable handling and ride, or if in addition to being slow in a straight line it also handles and rides poorly.