Mower, gas or electric?

Moving this December, will be doing my own lawn for the first time in 16 years. I’m looking at a Honda gas mower. With proper maintenance, this should easily last me 10+ years. How long will an electric last? Replacement batteries are $300-$400. What’s the expected lifetime of a battery? Seems like electric is a trap.

Location is in the deep south. No chance of new laws banning gas mowers soon. I also saw the news where Honda was discontinuing their gas mowers:

How big is the lawn? I’ve had electric since I moved in 20+ years ago but I’ve got a small yard. I started with corded and upgraded to battery about 8 years ago - still on the first set of batteries. I got a basic mower at Lowe’s because I just didn’t need the larger ones due to yard size, but I’ve been very happy with it. The replacement battery for mine is $139 right now, but it’s 40V - I suspect you’re looking at 80V.

For my yard size, I can’t imagine have gas but if I had a big lawn, I would probably want that.


i have the greenworks 80v pro at costco. it comes with two batteries. Loved it so much I went and bought their string trimmer. That came with another battery. Then I bought there backpack blower and that didn’t come with a battery but I live on a half acre and with three batteries I can blow out the whole yard.

I will never own another gas lawn mower again. Electric is just easy. No gas to power and get all over, no cleaning the carburetor and trying to figure out why it won’t start. Without the batteries the lawnmower is very light and easy to move. It even has a turbo button that makes the blade spin faster.

I left gas lawnmowers behind not because of pollution but because of convenience.



I should have mentioned that. 0.46 acres, but house, garage, driveway, and patio taking up a third of that.

Thanks for the feedback. I wasn’t sure if electric was ready yet. Sounds like you and @buynholdisdead both had great experiences.

I’m about a 1/3 of that (told you it was small!). I think you’ll be fine with an 80V like Andy has. I really like the simplicity of it too…be careful though or you’ll start adding all the extra equipment like Andy did (I still have a corded edger/trencher and blower from 20 years ago since they work fine and have limited use but I did upgrade to a battery string trimmer, even if I can never use it properly despite watching many youtube videos on them.)

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I expect the mower you are considering has Lithium (or Lithium Ion) batteries. The same kind of battery in cell phones and electric vehicles. These have lifetimes measures in thousands of full cycle . A full cycle charge is from 0% or 100%. But the gotcha in all this is about the worst thing you can do to a Lithium battery is run it down to 0%. Running down 20% no problem.

A full charge cycle for almost all users involved several uses and charging operations. Going from 90% to 70%, charging to 100% going to 65% charging to 100% and going to 55% with a recharging to 100% is one full cycle use. 20% + 35% + 45% = 100%

There is also the matter of pollution. I read somewhere that gasoline lawn mowers are serious air pollution sources. I don’t remember the details.

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If I go with Greenworks through Costco, I can get an eight year battery warranty, which will allay my fears somewhat.

Yard is slightly too big for corded. 94’ from nearest plug to corner of lot. Then with trees, 100’ will just be a big hassle.

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Yes, they are serious polluters. Especially to the poor sap who is sucking fresh fumes.

IMO, electric is better. We had a mower for a while before we got rid of the grass. Ours was plug-in. Needed a long extension cord, but that wasn’t really a problem. And the electric is sooooo much quieter than a ICE model. Cordless may be an issue if there isn’t enough charge to do the lawn in one go. My cordless blower will die before I’m able to blow-out our pavers (we do have a lot of pavers). But it has two batteries, so I just swap them and continue.

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I too have the 80V Greenworks mower. blower, weedwacker, 18" chainsaw, pole pruner, and hedge trimmer. Am not crazy about the weed wacker, and the pole pruner takes some serious strength to use, but the rest of what I own is pure gold. Pro tip for getting new batteries…it’s actually cheaper to wait for Costco to put their blower with two batteries on sale for $199. We now have two blowers and two chargers. It’s so nice not to go into spring wondering if the equipment has survived the winter, and starting things up with the push of a button is FABULOUS. We have cut through some serious trees with our chainsaw. Wonderful not worrying about cutting through another extension cord with the now cordless hedge trimmer. I highly recommend Greenworks.

Con: not sure what to do with the dead battery Happily, their warrantee for batteries has improved.



If your lawn is St. Augustine I would definitely steer clear of an electric mower and stick with a gas powered mower. I really feel for you having to do your own lawn. When the boss gave me the OK to look for a lawn guy I jumped for joy. I would be soaking wet after just one turn around the lawn. No more. It’s well worth it to me to have someone else do the job for me. Good luck.

I went with DeWalt way back, then when this NiMh batteries gave out, I updated the vital tools to LiIon using a couple adapters for lesser used tools like the cutsaw & circular saws… Leaf blower is on the edge of doing front and rear yards, but way back I mounted chargers for DeWalt’s older NiMh as well as LiIon batteries, as well as a Ryobi charger on a hunk of plywood on the shop wall… So I just rotate through whatever is handy…In my flea market days (not the last couple years) I picked up some additional tools, some DeWalt, some Ryobi, but did by a Ryobi 8" pole chainsaw to whack errant limbs…

Still have an ICE Husqevarna hedge trimmer/weedeater and an 18" Skil chansaw, Pressure washer, too, but haven’t used it for years with our drought conditions here… Like to be rid of all the ICE tools… No mower fornearly 40 years at least, covered any grass with bricks, pavers or the shop, deck… Slowly going all battery… Hmm, did just buy a 2200W Honda genset for the trailer, tho… Trying to give away a 3500W Coleman genset that needs a tuneup, muffler, air cleaner…

Don’t get the backpack blower…it will blow you away. :crazy_face:


I have found my local Batteries Plus store is happy to recycle dead batteries - even if I get the replacements elsewhere.

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We bought an electric mower about three years ago, I would not buy a gas powered again.

First, we use it only in a few areas where the lawn tractor can’t get, so it doesn’t get heavy use. (The full yard is over an acre, where the electric is used is about 1/4 that, if.)

Corded would be a no-go because of trees, etc. but the battery operated mower does extremely well. Bonus: it’s about half the weight so maneuvering it around is soooo much easier. Extra bonus: I’ve never had to deal with a goopy carb, winterize the gas tank, change the oil, or anything else. Pull the battery off the charger and plug it in, it starts immediately and goes full throttle until I’m done.

When the lawn tractor dies I will replace with electric as well.

Mine is a Ryobi, which I got because I already had their 40v battery for another tool, but I hear great things about Ego and other brands as well. (I got the mower at a severe discount; somebody returned it to HD and they put it on the line at almost 1/2 price, basically I got the battery for free. Since I already had one of their batteries it seemed obvious to get this, too. I’ve never actually needed to swap batteries once starting.

Likewise on the Ryobi chain saw, which was the first 40v appliance I got. I love no yanking and cranking, just pull the trigger and it goes. Of course I’m just using it for homeowner stuff, a commercial tree guy would have different priorities. But I chop at least a half dozen times a season, large trees fall in the river and get caught in our cove, so I do more than the average homeowner, I guess.)


Ours charges by the pound for this. Around $4-5 per pound!

If you do decide to go the Greenworks route, watch out for sales on Amazon. I got my mower in the Fall through them at a huge discount, but that was before Costco started to carry them more often.

I am not sure about Amazon but the 8 year warranty on the battery I received from buying it at Costco was very important to me. I didn’t see that any place else. So make sure you look for that also. You have to register your batteries with Greenworks to get the warranty.


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Thanks all. I’ve been convinced that the current gen of electric mowers will work for me. Based on the reviews I viewed last night, I’m going with the Greenworks 80V. And the Costco deal that includes the 8 year battery warranty allays my fear about a quick battery demise.

Costco had it $100 off a couple times last year ($500 in stores).

The costco


My local Batteries Plus takes lead-acid for free. (haven’t ever asked about Li-Ion there)
The Home Depot takes Li-Ion for free.
And for alkaline I can take to the fire station or put in a clear bag on top of the garbage can on garbage eday.

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Depends on the type of grass. If you have St. Augustine, you will need a gas mower.