Much sooner than expected

Earlier today there was a commercial on the tube encouraging people to buy electric vehicles. It started by saying “You are an electric vehicle!”

This statement was justified by claiming that your heart runs on electricity.

Well, that’s partially true - the signal that makes your heart beat is an electric signal. However, that doesn’t power your heart, it’s just a “do your thing” signal. What actually powers your heart is nutrients carried from your digestive tract in your blood.

And what moves the blood around? Your heart. It’s a pump.

The cylinders in my car burn gasoline when an electric “do your thing” signal reaches the spark plugs. The gasoline gets there because of a pump - which actually IS electrically powered.

Thus, by the standards used in this commercial, WE ALL ARE DRIVING ELECTRIC VEHICLES TODAY!

100% of us. Including the long-haul truckers and the diesel locomotive drivers. And probably the airline pilots.

Now, in 2022 - not 30 or 50 years out.

What an achievement!

(Well, either that, or the commercial’s a bunch of bullbleep.)