Munger: Critics of ultra-rich motivated by envy

Billionaire Charlie Munger: Critics of the ultra-rich ‘motivated by envy’…

Billionaire investor Charlie Munger on Wednesday acknowledged worldwide “tension” over wealth inequality but said critics of the ultra-rich are “motivated by envy.”

“It is the nature of our species that we look around us at other people and are envious of them if they have more than we do,” added Munger, the vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-A, BRK-B). “That envy has always been a big problem.”


Veiled as usual comments from Charlie… (sarc)… I see this answer as somewhat of a deflection. He doesn’t address the issue of gaming the system and wealth distribution inequalities which are often at the root of democracies dying. WEB touches on this issue sometimes but with a nuanced approach…

Likely because there is nothing to gain in such a discussion. It would require a deep conversation including uncomfortable politics and society is so tribal right now it would be incendiary.

The comments about envy are nonetheless correct - a large component of any discussion of the ultra wealthy includes a veil of envy. its human nature and would be dishonest not to acknowledge.