Musk, All Hat, No Robotaxis or Cybrtrucks

I suggest the zip code of 00000 for all the incels moving there. Sounds like a good location for a tattoo shop specializing in Tesla Tramp Stamps.


Gee, and you’re usually so soft spoken!!

How many cups of coffee is that?

Coffee, what’s that? H2O is my choice of beverage, squeeze of lemon.

Places I will never live:

  1. Musk’s Crazytown Utopia
  2. The Villages
  3. Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Developments
  4. Any Trump Development

You might be able to provide some insight! Ive seen others mention the Villages in Florida. What’s good and what’s bad about them?

And Jimmy Buffett… does he actually have developments? Where? What is good and bad about them?

Just curious. And I don’t see myself at either of the other two.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

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One of my sisters was a a nurse at The Villages which she tells me has the highest rate of STDs in the Banana Republic. She did not like working around so many Kens and Karens who thought the world begins and ends at the Villages. Like a damn Romper Room for Boomers.

The Villages is about 65% Republican. There are areas of the Keys like that now. The last thing I want to do in life is live around GQPers who don’t believe in Science, who don’t believe this world is heading to a dismal future if we don’t wake up and save more of our natural world.

I would not get along with that Villages community, not at all. A bunch of old folks carrying on like Spring Break never ended. They also play the worst generic classic rock - yacht rock - at the swimming pool. That’s a grave sin in my book.

Anyway, I’m just fine, not being around rapacious humans whose purpose in later life is to one up the guy next door while banging his wife. I’m a one-woman man. And now a one cat man. And then we have The Animal Family visiting us every day here in the jungle. I don’t need fake friends, polluters, and time-wasting people in my life who would turn their backs on homeless people in pain. Not now. Not when I’m finally free from the shackles of Late Stage Capitalism.

I tell you who I like:

David Attenborough, he’s my type of a man in his 90s. Staring death in the face, David has recently gone back “home” to where all his adventures started, and he’s doing his best to warn the world about how many people are on this planet, who are uncaringly destroying one species after another. I’d sit next to him in a bar, you damn right.

Same with people such as Jimmy Chanos, Marc Cohodes, and all the forensic accountants on Twitter, who are rough around the edges and say things you don’t say in polite society. Shorts have the thickest skin of anyone on Twitter, and man do they run circles around people such as Maria Bartiromo, Ross Gerber, Joe Kernan, Jim Cramer, Bill Miller, Cathie Woods, etc. Muhammad El Erian is another guy I’d love to sit next to on a beach somewhere and just shoot the shite. I’d love to know how all these great accounting minds got started.

I’ll also take the morning crew on Bloomberg TV which you can see on youtube for free. Tom Keene, the old guy on mornings, is one of the very best investigative talking heads when it comes to fixed income securities. (I wonder if METAR knows about Keene?) And Lisa Abrams has really come on strong early this year.
Bloomberg is so much more polished today than just two years ago. They have the best interface of any news channel, period. Their “heat map” in the morning changes and the storyboard tells you which articles are running on Bloomberg while another chyron in a box is spitting out breaking news about someone about to be looked at or interviewed. The whole Bloomberg cast, I’d buy them a round.

As far as Trump goes, Motley Fool got it right back in the 90s when they recommended you short Trump Industries or whatever the hell his old company of failing casinos was called. Motley Fool should do some house cleaning now and alert readers to things like $SIVB or $AFRM or $CVNA (and do we dare whisper Ole Sparky’s name in this new Motley Fool Land of Sociopath Worship?)

There are dozens of companies discussed by forensic accountants willing to be called every name in the book, and some of the stuff I’m reading on Saul like stocks from these F/A types make me ask, “How can no one go to jail?”

“Too big to jail, move fast, break things, deny everything” is definitely the motto for Late Stage Capitalism.

I have more I could add to my list at the top. But the Villages, man, keep me away from people in golf carts flying Trump flags. Anybody still following that criminal on Motley Fool should just block me now as I have no respect for you, none whatsoever.

When you have Cancer, you realize, "You thought you were irreverent in the past? Let me survive this and I will be coming back stronger than ever to take on the rotten politics in my own neighborhood.

First on my list: outlaw single-use plastic bags in the Florida Keys.