Musk/Bolsanaro Share Baby Man Love + Musk's Privatized Twitter = Aiding Insurrection in Brazil

Unreal. I totally missed this while Chemo was making it impossible to read as much as I normally do. Musk is so in deep with fringe right that he’s now spreading the disease around the planet. With Steve Bannon & Steve Miller “advising” Bolsanaro, Musk has now gone full blown GQP with his assists on Twitter and his meeting Bolsanaro and singing his praises while allowing Brazilian rightwing rioters to continue pushing insurrection on Twitter.

Is it any wonder that tens of thousands of Liberals on Twitter are now looking at the “T” badge on Tesla cars as the logo for “Traitor?”

Progressive commenters with thousands of followers continue to tweet: “Tesla is the new M*GA hat.”

I am in shock at how investors have ignored this megalomaniac turning into a MAGAlomaniac with no filter on his tweets. How stupid is Musk?

This stupid: he’s estroying two major brands with every tweet, while chasing away a cohort of people who might have wanted to buy a Tesla.

Thinking ahead with self-censoring because honest people are having posts critical of Right Wing Fascists ripped down by Musk’s minions.


This tweet from the Billionaire VC who just offered to buy Twitter off Musk and who wants the board to fire Musk at $TSLA:

Exactly! Musk, coming from Pretoria should be extremely wary of revolt or calling for insurrection.
Noted: Today Bolsonaro tweeted that caution:

Peaceful demonstrations, in the form of the law, are part of democracy. However, depredations and invasions of public buildings as occurred today, as well as those practiced by the left in 2013 and 2017, escape the rule.

Bolsonaro plans to stay in Florida for at least a month in the waning moments of his administration.

Mr. Bolsonaro understands that “revolts” can go sideways on you.

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I hope he retires to the Keys so I can write epic Letters to the Editor. He has already unelashed Satan’s Late Capitalism Armies in the Amazon and they are killing species and just pouring carbon into our atmosphere.

The Keys, are trashed due to Late Stage Capitalism. And then we find out this heathen is now in Florida.

Animus rising in 2023 and my doctors keep telling me to avoid stress.

Then there’s this recent instigation from an ex-high school mate of mine who was about a 98 pound smart mouthed weasel in my old Catholic Military School up in Richmond, Va. I look at him now and think “X-Rated Jabba the Hutt.”


Good accounting by CNBC about what is going on down in Brazil:

Raygun’s and Cheetolini’s fave players in Afghanistan are on the march in the “Town Square” which Musk owns. Sell those $8.00 checkmarks, Ewon, and maybe soon your remaining Twitter employees might see clean bathrooms and not have to bring toilet paper from home.

The Taliban have started using Twitter’s paid-for verification feature, meaning some now have blue ticks on their accounts.

Previously, the blue tick indicated “active, notable, and authentic accounts of public interest” verified by Twitter, and could not be purchased.

But now, users can buy them through the new Twitter Blue service.