Musk Sells `22 Million Shares of Tesla to Raise Cash

Tesla’s chief executive officer sold almost 22 million shares of the electric-car maker for $3.58 billion, a filing showed late Wednesday in the US. The transactions happened between Dec. 12 and Dec. 14.

Twitter’s debt load has jumped to about $13 billion, up from $1.7 billion pre-deal, along with other types of bonds that could be converted into stock.

Twitter now faces annual interest payments approaching $1.2 billion — which could get even more expensive given that the interest rates on about half of that debt aren’t locked in and will rise with the market

Musk’s recent sales shrink his stake in the company to roughly 13%, according to Bloomberg data.


Somebody or somebodies must have bought “almost 22 million shares of the electric-car maker for $3.58 billion.”

What does it say about the future of “the electric-car maker?”

It does say that Musk disregarded his own advice not to buy on margin. :frowning:

The Captain


Absolutely nothing. Someone was also buying Enron shares as they went all the way to zero. There is almost always someone willing to try and catch a falling knife (as you acknowledge with your own recent TSLA purchases).

Who is in no way implying Tesla is headed for the same ending.
And, who hopes Musk can tone down all the nonsensical political rhetoric that can’t be good for his customer base.


This is why he tried to back out of buying Twitter.

How bad was unknown but how bad he’d be at running it was much worse than expected.

I have my doubts now that he wants a Web3 platform as I had hoped. He might be rudderless. He has relations with somethings generally engineering hardware when he is brilliant. But communications he does not see himself very accurately.

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$44 billion here, $3.6 billion there. Pretty soon, you’re talking real money.

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Wow! I just wrote a post earlier today listing this as one issue that may face Tesla [stock]! Musk needs to raise cash to keep twitter afloat. And he may need to raise more cash as the year progresses … after all, bondholders need to be paid every 6 months.


Ayup. In the early 2000s, a tier one auto industry suppler, the one run by former OMB head David Stockman, went BK. A coworker of mine wanted to buy a pile of their stock. It was so cheap! I heard him going on, and thought “they are bankrupt, the stock is worthless”, but a lot of people delude themselves that they can make a big killing.


Sometimes we need to know when the wise are indeed wise.

$250 million

Bezos purchased the Post for $250 million in August 2013. At the time, the move shocked media and tech watchers who considered newspapers a dying business and Bezos as someone who was interested in anything but.Feb 8, 2021

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I was looking at GME when they had a dividend of 12 percent thinking it is so cheap and if they cut the dividend it will still be ok, but, I didn’t buy it because it could still get cheaper. Who knew that Meme stocks would become a thing. :joy: