My Last Post for Now on ZI (I hope)

My last post for now on ZoomInfo, I hope.

For those who continue to think of ZoomInfo as a little robocall company, this company just listed Okta as a new or expanded logo customer. They just integrated with Snowflake. Other new or expanded logos included Toyota, SAP, Marathon Oil…

Okta, Toyota, SAP, etc are sophisticated, intelligent companies. They don’t just buy any product without investigating it. Think about it a little. ZoomInfo is a SaaS company that has a way for any B2B company to reduce its largest, or close to largest, expense: marketing expense, or to get a larger return from it.



I work in sales and we use ZI at our business(B2B software) It blows competitors out of the water. We haven’t even purchased the premium version of the service and we are already accessing more complete information on who we need to call.

I am the sales rep that has been tasked with going to Boeing, per FoolishJeff’s last post. ZoomInfo allows me to look at who reports to who and with what titles so I no longer have any confusion on the proper person to speak with.

I’ve been in my role at this company for two months and I have already generated $XXX,XXX in new business from info gained through ZI. I’m a believer who decided to take a small position last week.




Seeing that you have generated positive value, what is the reason for not utilizing ZI’s Subscription products? I’m curious to understand what would keep potential clients from subscribing to paid products that generate revenue for ZI?