My view on my current stocks

Hi everyone.
I sit down and rank my stocks with my view of their relative investability (not sure that is a word) every once in a while. This list is worth about what you paid for it, but i thought it might be interesting to see others thoughts. Notice I don’t have any stocks I don’t like…i sold all of those. One of the many things I learned from Saul et al.

Stocks I’m eyeing for additional money.
AYX - Growing quickly, operating cash flow positive, cheapest relative entry point in a while. Forward ev/s a little above 8. This is my largest position otherwise I would be adding money.
PSTG - being valued like a low margin hardware company that is relatively slow growing. Instead it is more of a hybrid company with good margins and a low p/s with great growth. They seem to be at the right place at the right time.
VCEL - in the beginning innings of monetizing their products, shouldn’t need to raise more money, growing quickly. Recently passed the 500 million market cap so will start being on the radar of funds. In the company’s current form can never grow to be huge but should have a couple doubles in it and if they can expand their indication then they could be a fair bit bigger company.
HDP - recently reopened a position in them after their stock fell to the 16.8 range. They are growing 40% or so with a forward ev/s of less than 4. Operating cash flow positive. There is so much negativity around hadoop but despite all that HDP continues to grow quickly and improve their cash flow.
NTNX - still transitioning away from selling hardware, going to temp make revenue look not as appealing. Their customers love them, they sell a lot to their current customers. Starting to throw off cash. I wouldn’t be surprised if the stock falls no matter how good their earnings are. Their forward EV/S is somewhere around 6.5 despite growing in the 50% range.

Stocks that I really like but I either have enough of or I’m wary of their valuation.
SQ- accelerating growth, making money (non-gaap), benefiting from network effect. I really like this company. Very volatile stock while the underlying business just hammers away.
SHOP - more expensive than many, but their growth is downright amazing. I have a bunch of this company but if i didn’t own any I would buy some. Forward ev/s ~13 but probably more like 11 or 12. Not their highest but also not inexpensive for them.
AMDB - never been cheap, isn’t cheap now. They continue to expand their indications and product line. Growth has been accelerating, earning lots of money, expanding its international footprint. I own plenty, and I think the stock has gotten a little ahead of the business. Unless of course they keep accelerating their growth/earnings.
VRNS - earnings accelerating especially in europe. 26 -30 -33% growth. Forward p/s around 6. For some reason they are still guiding low 20% growth. GDPR continues to drive lands for them and then companies start adding products.

Stocks I’m interested in but want more data
MDB- in the very early innings, atlas could be a big money maker/growth product for them. Just want to see them execute as a public company before I put too much money into them
UBNT - I had sold UBNT at 75 or something…then they dropped to high 50s with the SEC inquiry. That was too cheap so I bought a bunch and now I am sitting on a lot of short term gains. I haven’t studied the company much lately, still growing relatively well, doesn’t seem expensive compared to its peers. Must study further
OKTA - Our company uses OKTA, it is great. I’m not sure on that TAM of this one and this is an expensive company. 60% growth, forward EV/S around 14, maybe lower if they grow faster than their guidance which I’m sure they will. I’ll be interested to see this upcoming quarter
TLND - foward ev/s around 8 but only growing in the 40% range. Growth is accelerating and data integration is a huge problem. The world is trending toward more and more data. Gotta integrate it to use it. Still learning this company.


Great exercise! Just curious why TWLO isn’t on your radar? They are a fast grower with P/S value thats on the lower side compared to others. Long runway and momentum on their side for the next couple quarters.

Worth a look…


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