Need a tag for UPST!

I just realized that I cannot post to Stocks a to z because there is no tag for Upstart. Can you please add a tag so that we can talk about it. Earnings is tonight and I would love to get some feedback.


You should be able to add it yourself.

Next to tags there is what appears to be a pencil.
If you click on it you can then click on “Edit Your Sidebar Tags”.
Then click on Tags.
Add UPST to the Tags section.



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That is not what I am asking for, there is literally no tag to add. Unless you are talking about editing the master list for all users?

I try to post to stocks a to z and it tells me I need to add a tag in the post heading section. There is no tag for UPST that I can find…

To post about a company, without waiting for a tag to be created, you could do this:

Hopefully the moderators will then create a company tag and add it to your post.


I asked on the old platform to create an UPST board but never got a response. I think that’s because UPST is on their paid side of the boards.


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@dlbuffy -

You can post all you want about UPST here.

There are a few of us who have migrated over to these boards which may look familiar to you! I’m sure you’ll find others that are interested in discussing Upstart.



Hi @dlbuffy

All done. You can use Upstart anytime you want,.

If you want a new tag in the future, just use the new-company-tag and I’ll create the tag and move any post using it to the right tag.

(Sorry about the delay, on vacation in Colombia with limited internet.)