AMD Investing Board

Lets start an AMD board again. I guess this is how you do it from what I am reading…doc

This is the same board we all knew and loved, but “new and improved” with different software. A bunch of the old timers have made it over already. Still waiting for eachus to show up.

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I’m game but how do I see the board. I can only see this one post?

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Where are you looking? In this system, what we would think of as “boards” are called “categories”. However, there are now fewer of those than before, and more fine-grained categorization is through the use of “tags”. Company “boards” are now tags within the “Stocks A to Z” category.

For AMD, you can use this URL: I have added this as a favorite tag in my sidebar for quick access.

I have added that tag. Be aware there is also now an AMD tag as well. I am searching both.

So far, I’m only using tags, not categories to quickly see the posts I want. I’m not clear on the difference between a “tag” and a “category”.

I mentioned this in the other thread we’re in, but just so folks here hear it as well: for company tags, the ticker symbol and company name are both available and are aliases for one another. So whether you look for posts tagged “amd” or posts tagged “advanced-micro-devices”, you will get exactly the same thing.

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Tags are mostly stocks (companies) although there might be a few exceptions. TMF said they were going to add the short ticket “AMD” tag in addition to the existing “advanced-micro-designs” tag. Not sure how this will play out

Categories are mostly non-stock discussions, like “Improve the Fool”, Sauls, LBYM, etc.

If you only want AMD, just pin that single tag

Has anyone figured out how to add the AMD tag up at the top? I’ve already added this to be followed, but I can’t find out how to do this one thing! Thanks for the help…doc

I just tried to add the tag AMD. But it isn’t found, so you must use advanced-micro-devices
Of course, once you set it up it makes no difference



Nvidia has a new card that is not competitive against the RTX 4090.

Based on the leaked performance figures, it looks like the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 at $1199 US will have a tough time competing against AMD’s $999 US Radeon RX 7900 XTX or even the $899 RX 7900 XT graphics cards. The graphics card launches almost a month prior to AMD’s release so we won’t know for sure how the performance compares until mid of December.

Hmmm, I wonder what NVDA is thinking…doc

Semiconductor stocks have bounced from 2022 lows — and analysts expect upside of at least 28% in the next year
I reached my maximum number of articles so couldn’t read this one…doc

New Genoa chip bringing some upgrades…doc

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Another upgrade to the $100 target based on the Genoa chip. Not a lot of new information…doc

AMD picked up some new business that should add to the bottom line…doc

AMD Powers Aisin Next-Generation Automated Parking Assist System | AMD

Feels like people are throwing posts into random existing topics (presumably because the navigation doesn’t make “new topic” terrilbly straightforward). Not liking the new boards. Wondering if there’s a way to close this thread.

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That seems plausible. Here I was reading over this entire thread again, and for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how to post a new topic!

Ah, ok, you have to click on the small letter board name, either at the top of this thread (see the pic) or in your list of tags or categories. Clicking on the large test “AMD Investing Board” doesn’t even do it. How dumb.


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Zacks does a nice breakdown of earnings and forward expectations on AMD…doc
Here is What to Know Beyond Why Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) is a Trending Stock

Here’s the latest Motley Fool article from today regarding AMD. Its a short read.

AMD’s four-segment model is a revenue-generating strength. Because each segment’s business is mostly uncorrelated to the others, AMD is well-positioned to thrive even when there’s weakness in one or more of its markets. Furthermore, its data center and embedded segments are riding secular tailwinds generated by the growth of cloud computing and embedded chip technology.

So, with great long-term prospects and a great leadership team, AMD looks like a buy to me.

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